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Host a Community Event for the Infinite Possibilities Campaign!

Below is a list of guidelines that will help you get involved with the Infinite Possibilities Campaign by hosting a fantastic community event for your Library.  Whether you are hosting a small or large event, the money raised will help your Central Library to reach Infinite Possibilities.

Who will you invite?

Understanding who you will want at your event will help you to determine how to promote and invite attendees to your event.


There are many event ideas that will excite your target audience and will help raise money for the Infinite Possibilities Campaign.
Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track:

  • Auctions

  • Dinner Parties

  • UnEvent Themes

  • Barbeques

  • Fashion Shows

  • Read-a-Thons

  • Maker Events

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Book Club Events

Set your Goals

Your end goal is to raise money and awareness for the Campaign, so mapping out your costs and getting sponsorship for your event will mean more money for the Infinite Possibilities Campaign.

Scheduling an Event

Be sure to schedule your event at a convenient time for your target audience. If you let us know what you are planning, we’ll check to see if there are other events that might conflict and can help you spread the word.

Event Logistics

Will you need a committee to help run your event?  Who will send out invitations and collect donations?  These are a few of the items you need to think about when running an event.

Media and Promotion

There are a variety of ways to market your event, through social media, flyers, email or other avenues.  Ensure you take advantage.  The Library would love to endorse your event if the revenues are going to the Infinite Possibilities Campaign. We can work with you on the guidelines to using our brand and identity.

Collecting Donations

Submit all funds with donors’ names and addresses to the Fund Development Office, Central Library, 251 Dundas St. London N6A 6H9.

Thank you

Always be sure to thank donors!

At any time throughout the event planning process for a community event, feel free to touch base with our Fund Development staff to see what resources are available to help plan your event.

Reach us

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