It was a rainy Thursday on September 29th but that didn’t keep Londoners away from the launch event for Infinite Possibilities!

Keynote speaker, Queen’s and Harvard-educated physician-scientist, innovator, and educator Dr. Julielynn Wong, shared amazing stories of innovation and creative application of 3D printing to create transformative and lasting solutions to benefit people around the world and in outer space.

While we listened to her stories, items she had created using a 3D printer that ranged in complexity from a coffee cup holder that can be attached to a wheelchair to a prosthetic hand were passed around the attentive audience. She spoke to the value of having 3D printers available in libraries for everyone to use and how, by having these kinds of tools readily available, people have the opportunity to not only come up with ideas but then to make those ideas a reality.

Here’s one example of a medical solution created via 3D printing:

a 3D printed model for a guitar pick

3D model of a guitar pick for a client with a finger injury resulting in the loss of their 3 middle digits.

Dr. Julielynn Wong, innovator and 3D printing enthusiast

The completed modified guitar pick.

a 3D printed model for a guitar pick

A close up view of the guitar pick.

There is so much you can do with 3D printing!

Learn more about Dr. Wong on her website 3D4MD and through her great video talks.