When people talk about libraries, you hear statements like libraries are about books, libraries are about programs, libraries are about computers …

And we do have all those things. But those things are not what the library is.

Because, fundamentally, the library is about you, the library is about community. As times change, the “stuff” in a library may change, but the constant is the community. The library is a place where everyone is welcome to gather, learn, create and grow.

The pace of change is so rapid now. Times have changed, society’s needs have changed and so too has learning. We know about digital and technological literacies and also 21st century learning. What people need to be successful now are to be problem solvers. To be creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.

It isn’t enough, anymore, to learn by reading or by listening although we aren’t dismissing those methods! But now, people are also learning by doing and we’ve seen that when people do and when people collaborate, that’s when the creativity starts to flow – that’s when new ideas spark and innovations bubble to the surface. That’s when an energy is created that can make our city shine.

Creative Spaces are flexible, ever-changing spaces for learning by doing. Whether they are high-tech opportunities such as a digital media studio or a robotics and arduino programming lab or low-tech experiences such as a sewing machine centre or a screen-printing nook, what Creative Spaces are, at their core, are shared spaces for learning collaboratively and co-creating with others in our community. They provide access to the resources, the tools and the community expertise that people may not have access to otherwise.

They are about continuing the public library traditional values of open access and equal opportunity for all, of lifelong learning and community building into the 21st century.

Imagine the Infinite Possibilities.

Because what these spaces can be,
because what these spaces will be,
is up to all of us.

These are Your Spaces. This is Your City. This is Your Library.